Dixie Belle DIRT (4oz, 113g)

Dixie Belle DIRT (4oz, 113g) - Rustic Farmhouse Charm

Dixie Belle DIRT (4oz, 113g)

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Straight from the fields of Dixie, add that authentic dirty, grimy layer with Dixie Dirt.

Earth - warm, earthy brown.

Ash - original Dixie Dirt colour, soft and pretty grey.

Charcoal - black as night.


How to use:

1. Apply wax and allow 5-10 minutes to tack up.

2. Using a clean brush, dip into Dixie Dirt and brush over the surface, especially the details.

3. Wait a few minutes and brush off the loose dirt.

4. Using a lint-free cloth, very gently buff your piece. Work from the middle out to the edges so you get a nicely worn look.

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