About Me

About  Me

I was born and raised in a fast-paced environment amidst skyscrapers and busy roads. So what's a girl who's grown up in Singapore, one of the urbanest of cities, doing with a farmhouse style business?

Well, when I got out of the airport in Perth some 23 years ago, the first thing I noticed was the big blue sky. That wonderful emotion I felt then has always stuck in my mind - I guess my city upbringing has led to an even greater appreciation of nature. 

Nineteen years in Perth translates to 19 years of a love affair with nature - everyday coastal views, everyday interaction with animals both wild and domestic, every day under the big blue sky. I love it! Being able to be in such close association with nature is such a blessing :-)

I've also always loved creating, and bringing out the beauty of otherwise boring pieces. I've found that I mostly love the rustic back-to-nature farmhouse feel as it is not limited to a single style.

Rather, it is anything that brings out the inherent beauty of nature... in things simple, rugged and imperfect... or elegant and classic! The farmhouse style is really flexible as it's an attitude to simplistic living (not to be confused with minimalism!).

​Be it reminiscent of an Australian, American, French or even a Chinese farmhouse, be it rustic, industrial, vintage, romantic or modern, it's ultimately whatever that makes you feel comfortable, warm and at home.

Recycling and upcycling can play a big role in achieving rustic farmhouse charm. Think flaky barn doors, rusty milk churns, and worn-out leather boots

We can recycle them creatively... eg. the paint-chipped ladder works well as book shelves, the rusty milk churn makes a pretty vase, the paint-chipped louvre window hangs beautifully on the wall, etc.

​We can upcycle to accommodate the practicality of everyday living... afterall, real rust might not be everyone's cup of tea! ;-p Upcycled (or even new!) furniture are so popular as they achieve the farmhouse look without the farmhouse dirt!

In my shop, you'll find most, if not all, of the supplies to upcycle your own beauties. You'll also find both refinished pieces as well as real rustic treasures, all done up and/or handpicked by me :-) Brand new pieces that call out to me will also be available to you :-)

It's so fun to mix and match the old and the new! I hope you'll enjoy browsing and shopping and decorating your own cosy farmhouse style home!