Designer Stencils by Rustic Farmhouse Charm

This is an exclusive, specially designed range of stencils, with most designs entirely hand-drawn by me - so you won't find the same elsewhere! I spend hours and days on each design, making personal modifications on the computer to every element.. I then laser-cut the designs myself, test them out by stencilling and then cleaning them, and make more modifications where necessary... which usually means repeating the entire above-mentioned process. 

My aim is to create unique, thoughtful and beautiful stencil designs that will enhance your creative projects, whilst ensuring the highest quality of long-lasting stencils that stencil well and clean well. You will notice that there are none of those troublesome delicate bits in my designs!

My stencils are cut on high quality 10mil Mylar which is the best stencil material for what we do. Occasionally, I will use the thicker 14mil Mylar if the design dictates so.

I hope you will love my stencils as much as I do! ❤️