Pentart Fabric & Leather Paint

Pentart Fabric & Leather Paint

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    Excellent covering water-based paint for hobby purposes, which remains elastic and soft after drying. It can be used on properly prepared cotton (up to 20 % man-made fibre content), leather and leatherette.

    Preparation of materials:
    • initiation of textiles (washing without detergent, fabric softener),
    • cleaning and degreasing of leather and leatherette surfaces with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), roughening if necessary with sandpaper 

    • Mix thoroughly before use.
    • Paint on a thin layer with a brush or sponge brush. Well suited for stencil technique.
    • Use Pentart Fabric Medium or Retarder for Textile & Leather Paint to fade colours and blend colors. Do not dilute with water.
    • After complete drying (24 hours), the dye is fixed by ironing through ironing paper on cotton for 30 seconds. In the case of leather and leatherette, ironing is not recommended. After a week of drying, the painting is fixed (this also applies to non-ironable textiles)
    • Cleaning in the case of washable textiles by gentle washing (inside out, max. 40 °C), in the case of leather and leatherette, by wiping with soft, damp textiles.

    Store at room temperature, close the cap well after use.

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    9 products
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