Posh Chalk Interiors

Posh Chalk Interiors, has launched its very own Artisan range of bespoke coatings which can be used to colour and design furniture, as well as cloth, wood, glass, leather, leatherette and metal surfaces. The range which consists of Posh Chalk Pigments, Pastes and Patinas exhibit unique properties that offer a spectacular touch to any crafting project.

The range which has been released by WoodUbend, a heat bendable mouldings brand has launched the products via sister label Posh Chalk. With a two-year development journey of tried and testing the Artisan products present the best quality of coats and colourings when applied. Perfect for upcycling furniture or stencilling walls, hallways, boards and more, the products come in four different types of textures, each providing different attributes to a piece.