Fusion™ Wax - Fields of Lavender (200g)

Fusion™ Wax - Fields of Lavender (200g)

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Lavender Scented Wax

Infused with 100% natural essential oil.  This lavender scented wax by Fusion is clear and has no colour but brings a wonderful aroma to any project.  The Lavender scented wax makes waxing a piece so much more enjoyable.  The wax is perfect to freshen up drawers to nourish the wood and leave a lingering scent.  

As this product contains only essential oils, the scents will diffuse quickly and is only intended to be apparent for the duration of waxing and will slowly fade away within a couple of days. The wax will not fill the room with a strong aroma and will not yellow over time.

200g pot

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