Fusion™ Tung Oil

Fusion™ Tung Oil 500ml - Rustic Farmhouse Charm

Fusion™ Tung Oil

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Fusion’s Pure Tung Oil contains no thinners or driers in it, making it food safe and eco-friendly.

Tung Oil is a natural wood finishing oil that originates in either China, or South America. Excellent for interior and exterior wood finishing. Highly resistant to water and abrasion, Tung Oil is the most durable of all the natural oils. Tung Oil gives a matte finish which does not yellow over time. The lustre (sheen) can increase with extra coats and burnishing.

Unlike a Varnish or Water based poly coating, Tung Oil and Hemp Oil are breathable. Now what does that mean exactly? Because these oils are from natural pressed seeds with no additives or solvents, they do not leave a plastic coating or film like conventional top coats, like a poly urethane or varnish. These oils adjust to the expansion and contraction of wood from temperature and humidity, and are able to release any moisture trapped within. Typical paints and finishes that contain synthetics do not offer this flexibility, and the surface of them will break as the moisture within the wood is trying to escape. They also do not scratch like conventional plastic coatings.

What surfaces and projects can you use these Natural Oils on?

Kitchen cabinets/islands
Doors & windows
Woodwork, walls & ceilings
Food surfaces
Exterior Surfaces

What’s the difference between Tung Oil and Hemp Oil?
Unpolymerized Tung Oil is easy to use, not as easy as Hemp Oil, however there are pros and cons to every product that is out there. Whilst Hemp Oil is easier to apply due to its naturally thin consistency making it spread super fast, it takes longer to dry, therefore it will not go sticky or tacky if a project is left for a few hours. It is easily brushed or wiped on or off, and the drying time sensitivity of the Tung Oil, Hemp Oil is better for the beginner finisher.

When should you use a Tung Oil vs Hemp Oil?

When you have a finish that you want to have extra durability in water resistancy and have it last for many years (10+ years), Especially an exterior job, then go with Tung Oil, however if you don’t mind re coating every few years, then use Hemp Oil.

Pure Tung Oil for non food surfaces
For non-food contact use, always thin with 50% odourless solvent for the first coat as it will help the oil penetrate more, and dry faster. Subsequent coats can be full strength, but must be wiped down after 15 minutes. Always allow ample drying time (48 hours+).

Applying Tung Oil

After the surface has been prepped by removing any debris, or unwanted previous poly coating, you may proceed to apply the Tung Oil finish. Apply the Tung oil generously with a brush, cloth. Let the wood soak in the Tung Oil for approximately five to ten minutes. Remove the excess Tung Oil before it dries on the surface with a buffing rag. If you leave the Tung Oil on for too long and it dries it may go sticky and tacky.

How many coats should I apply?

Apply three or four coats of Tung Oil for best water resistance. Let each coat dry for at least 24 hours before adding the next coat. 

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