CLEAR Fortified Stain & Sealer by Hewbury Paint®

CLEAR Fortified Stain & Sealer by Hewbury Paint® - Rustic Farmhouse Charm

CLEAR Fortified Stain & Sealer by Hewbury Paint®

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Hewbury Paint’s® Fortified Stain & Sealer comes in clear and a variety of colours (Whitewash, Driftwood, Jacobean, Raven).

This listing is for the CLEARAvailable in 250ml and 500ml jars.

Clear is useful for "diluting" the colours without affecting the high quality of the product, or simply for protecting the natural/existing colour of the timber/painted surface.

Hewbury Paint’s® Fortified Stain & Sealer is specially formulated to provide a translucent hard-wearing finish to your surface. Two coats recommended with drying time in between. No need for additional top coats!

  • Water-based and fast-drying
  • Non-yellowing
  • UV-resistant
  • Can be applied on raw wood or water-based painted surfaces
  • Also suitable for exterior decking

For raw wood, we recommend 220-grit or higher sanded finish prior to applying Fortified Stain & Sealer. The more coats applied, the darker and more opaque the result. 

Application: Brush, sponge. 

Number of coats: 1 - 2

Touch Dry time: 30 minutes at 25°C

Hard Dry time: 90 minutes at 25°C

Re-coat time: 2 hours at 25°C 

Fully Cured:  24 hours at 25°C 

DO NOT apply if temperature is below 10°C, or relative humidity is above 85%.

Avoid painting in extreme cold or hot temperatures, and in high humidity.

Wash up with water.


What’s the difference between Hewbury Paint’s two sealers: ‘Fortified Stain & Sealer’ and ‘Extra Protective Clear Coat’?

Both are water-based and both are high-quality hard-wearing sealers for furniture refinishing. Our Fortified Stain & Sealer has the additional advantage of being water-repellent and is suitable for sealing exterior decking. It comes in a satin sheen and is available in Clear and a variety of pigmented translucent colours. It is typically used to change the colour of timber but not hide the natural woodgrain. However, it can also be applied on painted surfaces to add durability or provide a further dimension to the original painted colour.

Extra Protective Clear Coat is a Clear formulation that is water-resistant after curing, and is available in an eggshell or gloss sheen. This sealer is typically used on water-based painted surfaces, but can be used to seal raw wood as well.

Both sealers have low VOCs, are UV-resistant, and are fast-drying with a short cure time.  

Tips - This is a high quality commercial grade product. It's very different from similar stains on the market. It has very low VOC's, no nasty chemicals (non-toxic) and is so easy to apply. You apply it as you would any top-coat sealer or water-based poly. It is self-levelling so its important to let it dry naturally and not use a heat gun. Colours shown are applied over pine so keep in mind, like any stain, the colour may change depending on your type of timber. You can also layer colours over each other to create other effects. Sheen level increases with multiple coats. Also, as our Hewbury Extra Protective Clear Coats are available in Eggshell and Gloss finish, Fortified Stain & Sealer in CLEAR can be used as a satin option. This product has been tried and tested, and is just as good if not better, than similar products on the market. We do have some videos coming out with tips so any questions, please let us know! We hope you love it 🙂

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