Fusion™ Metallic Paint - CHAMPAGNE GOLD (250ml)

Fusion™ Metallic Paint - CHAMPAGNE GOLD (250ml)

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Limited Edition Metallic...

Metallic Champagne Gold is a much softer paper gold, more sophisticated and modern. Think of it as the updated cousin of that timeless classic gold, where you don’t want as much of a traditional darker gold depth but rather something that feels a touch light and airy. We think this colour would be wonderful to customise table vases and candle holders for weddings and other holiday celebrations. Possibly even personalised signs and even some creative mosaic art work for your home. And let’s not forget furniture handles and knobs!

Using pure mica pigments our Fusion™ Metallics shimmer unlike any other on the market.

This metallic paint is self-leveling and comes in 250ml containers.

The limited metallics come in three new designer colours - Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, and Vintage Gold.

Other metallic colours in the Fusion range include: Champagne, and Brushed Steel - as well as our traditional colours of Pale Gold, Bronze, Copper, and Pearl.

Our metallics are ideal for larger painting projects as they have a less texturised, and more self-levelling finish.


Before painting with your preferred metallic colour, paint a coat of a solid paint colour that is similar, as Metallics are fairly transparent this will help with coverage.

For example Pearl, Champagne or Brushed Steel use Sterling or Lamp White paint first. For Copper or Bronze use a layer of Algonquin first. For Pale Gold use Buttermilk Cream.

Be sure to test first to see if you like the results.

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