Pentart IRIDESCENT PURPLE Glaze Paste 100ml

Pentart IRIDESCENT PURPLE Glaze Paste 100ml

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Gorgeous iridescent paste for stencilling or just use by itself! The purple changes to gold when you look at different angles!

Pentart’s Glaze Paste is a thick water-based paste containing colourful metallic or iridescent pigments. It is excellent for making bright, colourful, three-dimensional decorations. Due to its soft, creamy texture, it is easy to spread. Apply a thicker layer with a spatula directly to the surface. The iridescent e­ffect shows better on a dark surface. 

Available in SIX metallic and FOUR iridescent colours.

Metallic Colours: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Pearl White.

Iridescent Colours: Iridescent Green, Iridescent Blue, Iridescent Purple, Iridescent Olive-Gold. 

Watch Glaze Paste in action!

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