PEARLY BASE Pearlfect Metallic Paint by Hewbury Paint®

PEARLY BASE Pearlfect Metallic Paint by Hewbury Paint®

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Pearly Base is our non-pigmented Pearlfect Metallic Paint. When applied over white, it gives a true pearl lustre much like the pearl of an oyster! Over other colours, Pearly Base softens their tones and provides even more shimmer.

Hewbury Paint® PEARLFECT is a luscious, shimmery all-in-one pearlescent paint that is self-levelling. It is highly pigmented and water-based with very low VOCs. The ultra-fine pearlescent mica particles create a smooth pearly lustre and a high metallic sheen.

Hardwearing, UV- and water-resistant and suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Can be applied with brush or roller. Spray over Hewbury's Grip & Block Primer for the ultimate professional finish.

Available in a variety of shimmery colours, as well as our non-pigmented Pearly Base.

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