Pentart EXPAND PASTE 50ml

EXPAND PASTE by Pentart 50ml - Rustic Farmhouse Charm

Pentart EXPAND PASTE 50ml

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A very light paste for creating smooth, structured surfaces. Water-based. After drying, the paste will expand when treated by a heat gun. Great for raised stencilling. We can use the paste to create 3D motives on wood, paper and textile or on any other, previously decorated surface.

Expand Paste dries white. You can colour Expand Paste with Pentart's Pigment Pastes prior to application, as shown in the video link below!

Make sure that the object you want to decorate is heat-proof!

Apply the paste in a thin and even layer to the surface. Let it dry. Heat until it expands by using a heat gun.

Watch Expand Paste in action!

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