COBALT Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

COBALT Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Rustic Farmhouse Charm

COBALT Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is a true milk paint which comes in a powder form.

To make the paint, you simply mix the powder with warm water.

Environmentally safe and non-toxic. Can be top-coated with any available product on the market.
Comes in three sizes (I am able to order in out-of-stock sizes for you :-):

1. Sample 2oz (57g) - approx 12 sq ft coverage eg. a couple chairs, a small piece of furniture or a few picture frames.
2. Pint 6oz (170g) - approx 36 sq ft coverage eg. 2 smaller dressers, 1 small hutch or 5-6 chairs.
3. Quart 12oz (340g) - approx 72 sq ft coverage eg. 4 smaller dressers, 1 larger hutch or 8-10 chairs.

You do need to keep in mind that coverage varies a lot depending on the piece your painting (how light or dark it is compared to the colour your painting it), how many coats you do, how thick or thin you mix your paint, type of brush used and your painting technique. Whites tend to take 3-4 coats, whereas colours normally take two coats, sometimes even just one.

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