"Chip" the Robot Cabinet

"Chip" the Robot Cabinet

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Meet Chip the Robot who has gone through some wild adventures - his outward appearance reflects the risks and hazards he encountered on the way. He was eventually stowed away to elude the baddies.  The buttons on his control pad still function although they are crusty from years of neglect. Nevertheless he comes complete with a printed circuit board and the most earnest of eyes. Chip is eager to serve someone who will show him some love :-)

In actual fact, Chip has been painted lovingly to reflect the story above. He was a plain old wooden cabinet that has been brought back to life by the paintbrush and a variety of techniques. Chip is now as unique as can be. He is totally original and I am proud he's the first of my character pieces.

Measurements: 133cm tall, 48cm wide, 34cm deep.

Pick up only. Kingsley WA 6026.

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