3D Decor Pen (30ml)

3D Decor Pen (30ml)

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The pens contain water-based thick paint in metallic, transparent and regular colours. The fine nibs are perfect for custom drawing including contours, dotting and half-spheres.

They can be used on all surfaces, even glass and fabrics!

How to use:

Shake the pen container to ensure the paint is mixed evenly. Then with gentle pressure, use it like you would a pen to write/draw your design on your project. The thick paint is slow-spreading which gives you better control.

3D Decor Pen paint adheres very well to glass and porcelain. When it’s dry, the design will be water-resistant on glass. Leave it untouched for at least three days on glass and porcelain - it will become dishwasher-safe (use eco-program).

On textiles.... fix with ironing on fabrics (30 sec, cotton-grade, from the rear side).

Watch 3D Decor Pens in action!


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