Project: Rose Celebration Sideboard

Rose Celebration Sideboard


Thought Process

The shape of the buffet, coupled by the large feature metal lock in the centre, is reminiscent of ancient Chinese furniture. Hence I decided to paint it a teal- blue (a colour popular amongst the Chinese).

Rose Celebration Sideboard 2


  1. Clean well with Fusion’s TSP. Let it dry. 
  2. Scuff-sand with 180-grit sandpaper, then wipe off dust with clean damp cloth (I normally reuse the TSP solution from the first step).
  3. Paint the cupboard with Renfrew Blue. This is a bright colour so the coverage of the first coat of paint won’t be as sensational as the other “muddy” type colours. The second coat will have pretty good coverage though. You will probably need at least three coats of Renfrew Blue.
  4. Leave at lease 24 hours to dry, then brush Antiquing Glaze over the Renfrew Blue. Antiquing Glaze is sepia-toned and will also dull the vibrance of the teal-blue.
  5. After brushing on Antiquing Glaze (which has a long open working time), wipe off excess with a lint- free cloth. I like antiquing unevenly. So in areas that I prefer to be darker, I either wipe off just a little of the glaze, or not wipe of at all. Once happy, I let the glaze dry for at least 72 hours.
  6. Positioning the transfer image is quite tricky due to the protruding parts and uneven surfaces. For a visual snippet, check out this short video on my Youtube channel!
  7. Basically I cut out the images to fit the areas. And laboriously rub the  image on.
  8. After making sure the images are well stuck on, I apply Fusion’s clear Tough Coat over the entire surface that the transfer sits on.

Rose Celebration Sideboard 3

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