Ultra Guard Primer by Heirloom Traditions Paint

Ultra Guard Primer by Heirloom Traditions Paint

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Bonding primer and sealer to block wood tannins, bleed, nicotine and chemical reactions. This product also makes painting tough surfaces like laminates & formica super easy once our primer is applied.

Normally available in two sizes: 16oz (473ml) and 32oz (946ml).

Wishing you could paint your kitchen or bath countertops rather than an expensive replacement?  You can with our products!  Apply our primer, mix our Venetian Texture Medium into one of our paint colours or combo of colours and apply to your countertops to create a granite type look. Finish them off with our Best Chalk Topcoat for durable, scrubable protection.  Watch our tutorial on Venetian Texture Medium to learn how to repurpose your countertops.  

Video: Venetian Texture Medium Tutorial by Heirloom Traditions Paint

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