Staalmeester® 100% Synthetic Oval Paintbrush Series 2021 #40 (33-42mm) - Rustic Farmhouse Charm

Staalmeester® 100% Synthetic Oval Paintbrush Series 2021 #40 (33-42mm)

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The Staalmeester is the Rolls Royce of brushes.

Staalmeester 2021 Pro-Hybrid Oval Brush #40 (33-42mm)

This universal paint brush of oval shape features the Staalmeester® Pro-Hybrid 100% synthetic fibre mix, and is suitable for use with both synthetic, as well as water-based paints. The oval shape makes it easy to switch between smaller and larger surfaces, using the same brush.

The Staalmeester® Pro-Hybrid series are characterised by their new, 100% synthetic fiber. This mix offers, apart from its high absorptive capacity, a perfect balance and resistance for easy handling of the paint. The synthetic fiber is supple and soft, so that a stripe-less result is guaranteed.

Staalmeester® have been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years.

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