Spring Leaves Plastic Mould by Victoria Larsen

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This is a transparent heavy duty, flexible plastic mould.
Plaster Mold Design size (finished pieces)
Leaf 1: 3 1/2″ tall x 3 1/2 wide Leaf 2: 3″ Tall x 2″ wide Leaf 3: 2 1/4″ tall x 2″ wide

Product Description by Victoria Larsen
This mold is so much fun! I hand carved these leaves myself so they are very special to me!
Everyone loves leaves, and everyone loves vines! Create a unique vine design by gluing string to your wall, trailing as you see a vine trailing, then cover it with a thin layer of joint compound and let it dry. Now, cast your leaves and add them to the vine! Too much fun!
Leaves can be used alone as a wallpaper effect on your wall, clumped together around other cast plaster designs, added to furniture, cabinets, doors and small projects.
While visiting the “Street of Dreams” in Seattle in 2008, I saw a powder room where concrete leaves had been used in the corners around the sink vanity with leaves trailing up the wall. It was beautiful and the inspiration for these original leaf carvings.
Try using them in groups just above your kitchen or bath back splash for a wonderful new design element.
Paint them pretty spring or fall colors to add even more appeal.
Leaf 1: 3 1/2″ tall x 3 1/2 wide
Leaf 2: 3″ Tall x 2″ wide
Leaf 3: 2 1/4″ tall x 2″ wide

Fashion wall frames, frames in rectangles or squares around your light fixture, round medallions of combined designs or even just a frieze over a doorway. It’s a blast and it’s so very beautiful!
Casting plaster is SO easy! Simply spray the inside of the mold with WD-40, Mold release, Pam cooking spray or use a brush a cooking oil. Mix plaster of paris according to directions on the bag (You get Plaster of Paris from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart or any hardware store for ultra cheap!), pour the mixture in to the mold then let it harden for 30-45 minutes.
When it’s cool to the touch, simply pop the piece out of the mold and let dry completely. To apply them to your wall or ceiling, simply spread a thin layer of joint compound to the back side of the mold and hold to the wall or ceiling for 1 minute. How easy is that!!!!
Remember that all of our moulds are made of a heavy duty, flexible plastic that will hold up to many, many castings.



*Rustic Farmhouse Charm is proud to be the only Australian retailer of the gorgeous Victoria Larsen stencils*

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