Life-Sized Tree Plaster Stencil by Victoria Larsen

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Create simple raised plaster trees on your walls with this super easy stencil set!


Product Description by Victoria Larsen

An easy tree stencil that you will love! It’s so simple, yet it’s majestic and beautiful, and you can make yours as tall as you wish!

It’s EASY!

“How could that be?” (you say to yourself).

Well this is all there is to it:

The stencil exists of the repeatable tree trunk (1 wide by 15 long) and a branch stencil complete with oodles of slightly veined leaves (8.5x15.5).

Simply repeat the tree trunk upward from the floor until you reach within 15 or so of the height you wish to achieve. Now add branches to your liking until your tree is covered with branches and leaves. Use the same branch as the top of your tree as well.

That’s all there is to it! Pinky Swear!

Like the looks of one tree? Now consider creating “woods” along one wall by simply doing more trees, some close together, others farther apart for realism. WARNING! You may just have neighbors “popping in” unannounced, once they hear of this magnificent wall, to take a gander so be prepared!

But wait! There’s more! Try using just the branch stencil to create branches of leaves trailing over the kitchen, encircle the powder room ceiling in them! Put them on the fronts of your closet doors or on that tired old hope chest at the end of your bed.


(Complete Set)

Design Size:

All of the stencils you need are included in this set:

Set includes:

Repeatable curved trunk stencil 15 x 1

Leafy Tree Branch Stencil 15 1/2 x 8 1/2


Packaged flat, not rolled up. Largest sheet size: 46cm x 30cm.

*Rustic Farmhouse Charm is proud to be the only Australian retailer of the gorgeous Victoria Larsen stencils*

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