EXTRA PROTECTIVE CLEAR COAT (Eggshell) by Hewbury Paint®

EXTRA PROTECTIVE CLEAR COAT (Eggshell) by Hewbury Paint®

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Eggshell Finish - has a sheen that is between matte and satin.

Also available in Gloss finish.

HEWBURY PAINT® Extra Protective Clear Coat is sealer based on a premium acrylic emulsion, and is used to provide extra durability over Hewbury Paint® or to seal timber. Extra Protective Clear Coat

- is UV resistant

- protects surfaces from moisture absorption

- protects from dirt retention and household stains

- is resistant to attack by fungi, moss, algae and lichen

- has 5 to 7 days' cure time


Lightly sand surfaces smooth. Ensure surface is clean, dry and dust-free.

Application: Brush, roller, sponge or spray. Can be thinned up to 10% if spraying.

Number of coats: 1 - 2 .

Touch Dry: 30 minutes.

Dry to Re-coat: 2 hours.

DO NOT apply if temperature is below 10°C, or relative humidity is above 85%.

Full Cure: 7 days. For optimal results, wait 2 hours for any consecutive coats.

Avoid painting in extreme cold or hot temperatures, and in high humidity.

Not recommended over dark colours due to possible streaking. Wash up with water.

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