CREAM WAX 8oz (236ml) by Sweet Pickins

  • $29.00

This listing is for an 8 oz (236ml) bottle of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint's new Cream Wax!


Miss Sweet Pickins Milk Paint says:

I LOVE our new Cream Wax! This is definitely my favourite of our finishing coats – its so easy to use and the finish it leaves behind is the best! It has an amazing silky feeling – like butter :) And there couldn’t be an easier product to use! And it smells like oranges!
Basically, its like a lotion for your furniture. In fact, it looks just like lotion, rubs on like lotion and has the same consistency of lotion. How easy does that sound! Our Cream Wax is an all natural hemp based product that is produced in small batches from only the best materials. No toxic chemicals and nasty ingredients to worry about and it works perfectly with our milk paint. It creates a durable water resistant finishing coat – it can even be used on raw wood. Its perfect for protecting porous milk paint from dirt and fingerprints. How to use. This might be the simplest tutorial ever because i promise, its really that easy! If you can rub lotion into your hands, you can do this :) It comes in a squeeze bottle – it's about 8 oz worth of wax. A little goes a very long way – this bottle will last you through several projects. It may seem like a small amount, but you don’t need much of it at all.


See Cream Wax tutorial here:


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