"Better Than Cheesecloth"™ Towels (5) by Coda Artisans

  • $10.00

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Rustic Farmhouse Charm is proud to bring to you the famous "Better Than Cheesecloth"™ towels!

Available in bundles of five towels.

Highly rated in US furniture painting groups & by reputable furniture painting bloggers, we can now try this popular product as I've imported them directly from the US. Limited quantities at the special introductory price of $10 for a bundle of five (washable and reusable). Each cloth is approximately 13" x 14", give or take an inch as each piece has been individually overlocked.

Description from the manufacturer:
Our “Better Than Cheesecloth”™ towels are just what they say they are! These are the best towels out there for wiping and buffing wax. If you need a lint-free towel, this is what you’ve been looking for. Cheesecloth is too soft and a little on the wimpy side. Terry towels are too rough (not to mention way too linty!). T-shirts are too smooth. Sheeting is too tightly woven. We have tried it all! You’ll love these towels. WASHABLE and REUSABLE too!

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