Bella Border Plaster Stencil by Victoria Larsen

  • $49.95

Fantastic on walls or furniture.

Single stencil comprising two elements, sheet size: 61cm x 17.8cm. Each element measures 27.9cm x 13.2cm.

Remember that all of our Raised Plaster Stencils can also be used with paint.

Product Description by Victoria Larsen

I love plaster stencil designs that have some real flair and intensity to them. They add such architectural detail to walls, moldings and even ceilings.

This would be a fabulous design to border just above the mid point of your wall or to create very dramatic ornamental frames on walls or ceilings. Consider painting the inside of the frame a slightly different color than the rest of the area to really show it off.

I imagine this border stencil done in raised plaster around the entire inside of my kitchen ceiling. Now that I’ve moved in to a new home, I have a blank canvas!

Stencil idea:
Border stencils can be used to add intense detail above or below simplistic wall moldings. Simply paint the same color as the wall (right over the top of the plaster stenciled design) and watch the detail simply blend with the molding as if it is one piece.

Packaged flat, not rolled up. Sheet size: 61cm x 17.8cm.

*Rustic Farmhouse Charm is proud to be the only Australian retailer of the gorgeous Victoria Larsen stencils*

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