Heirloom Traditions

Backed by 30+ years experience in the paint manufacturing industry, Heirloom Traditions Paint created a complete line of designer chalk-type paints, waxes, and other complimentary finish options that enhance the beauty of its chalk-type paint line.

The product line was developed with the idea of creating exclusive furniture finishes that allow even novice painters to easily create hand-made heirloom finishes. 
Heirloom Traditions Paint is suitable for wood, metals, ceramics, glass, fabric, leather, etc. The bonding properties of this product are like no other.  The paint dries to a matte finish with little to no preparation of the surface before painting.  The paint has a velvety smooth finish when waxed with one of the Heirloom Traditions wax finishes.

Heirloom Traditions Paint's high-quality paints offer a standard colour range of more than 50 vivid colours like no other paint line on the market today. There are an additional 15 signature colours. Each of the paint colour is high-hiding and usually requires no bonding primer or sanding prior to use. These chalk-type paints are easily distressed and have a time-worn appearance after application of antiquing wax, which is designed to give new paint finishes the look of an age-old piece.  The Heirloom Traditions product line also includes:

  • water-based coloured waxes, plus clear wax, in both gel and liquid forms
  • aging dust/powders
  • dense head bristle brushes
  • primer/sealer (to seal stains and tannin bleed, pet and smoke odours, etc.)
  • polyurethane and polyacrylic top coats
  • hemp oil
  • staining gels (15 colours, plus 3 metallics)
  • 4 metallic patinas and 5 metallic top coats
  • FAB! -- designed to seal and protect a variety of fabric surfaces
  • 1-Gel in both Clear and Sepia - an image transfer and decoupage medium
  • Venetian Texture Medium

Almost all of the Heirloom Traditions products are:
  • chalk-free
  • contain low VOCs (suitable for indoor application)
  • water-based (soap and water clean-up)
  • made in the USA, using natural products
  • 100% recyclable

As an innovative market leader, Heirloom Traditions Paint is constantly testing and developing new products to suit the ever-changing market. Recently launched is a new paint product called Finish All which is not a chalk-type paint, but high-technology acrylic resin that has stretch and hence enables painting on fabrics, leather, vinyl as well as wood, stone, ceramic, etc.