Heirloom Traditions Finishes


Our chemist has been at it again.  Our Gel Wax is the next evolution in traditional antiquing wax. 

The features of Gel Wax are:

*Soap & Water clean-up!  

*Remove with water for up to 12 hours.  No more buying a clear wax to "erase".  Remove as little or as much as you want to dial it in to your comfort level of antiquing/toning.

*Easy glide-on application

*Available in two sizes: 6oz (170g) and 16oz (453g)


All of our wax products will tone, enhance and antique your painted finish. All of our wax products will seal your chalk-painted finish. 

Be sure to check out other top-selling colours available in the new Gel Wax Formula:  Clear, Dark Umber, Muddy Pond, White Lime, Barnwood, Jet Black, Oxidized Patina. 

NOTE:  All gel waxes must be used over raw wood or unsealed chalk paint.