Using Heirloom Tradition's Liquid Wax

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This big mirror is one of my multiple projects that's happening concurrently!
Size is deceptive in the photo but it's 115cm tall!
Before - Mirror
Background Story:
I painted the frame in Heirloom Tradition's chalk-type paint Nickel (the lightest grey ever!), then applied Heirloom Tradition's water-based liquid wax in Barnwood (grey) but decided it needed more definition.
So here's a video of me applying Jet Black liquid wax on top of everything :-)
Why do I like using Heirloom's water-based liquid waxes?
You don't need to buff like traditional wax. For sufferers of arthritis or hand pains, this is gold! I have a little trauma cyst in my hand, and if I overuse my hand, it starts hurting.
Also, being water-based means you can apply more decorative effects if you wish,
or top-coat after for more durability!
Point to note: when wiping off excess, DO NOT wipe too hard or vigorously as you might pull paint off. What I mean it you don't have to be ultra careful, but you don't want to rub hard like you have to with traditional waxes.
Remember, one of the main benefits of liquid wax is no buffing is needed!
Heirloom Traditions' waxes come in two forms - liquid and gel - and both are water-based. There are 13 colours in the liquid range and 7 colours in the gel range.
Both work the same way, the liquid wax is like a thick liquid, and the gel wax is a very soft melted butter consistency.
Shop both waxes here.

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