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I must confess I forgot I now have a blog since the launch of the new online shop system!!

Much has been going on the last few weeks, and I'm trying hard to reorganise my life to keep pace with everything.

The way I clear my mind is clear the physical mess in the house. Once there's some neatness, I feel like I can handle things better. I wonder if anyone feels the same way!

Time is often lacking, but if I think that slow progress is still progress, then it keeps me going! By the way, here's a great definition of time!

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The background story is we sold our beautiful well-maintained six-year-old house two years ago and moved into a 35-year-old house that comes with 35-year-old decor, and wear and tear, that I must add was cleverly disguised when we first bought the house. Once moved in, we discovered things weren't the way they seemed eg. kitchen cabinet doors don't close properly the first time - old magnets. The light bulbs do not just need replacement - the entire light fitting needed to be replaced. The ceiling leaks in some areas - we discovered that a week after we moved in when the winter storms hit... amongst other problems..

Anyway, the spark of living in a nice new home disappeared when I realised there were so many things to tackle, and I escaped that stress by focussing on building my home business.

Not a good move, because fast forward two years, it's two years accumulated problems and mess. I'm more stressed with the house than ever! Hence my goal from this week onwards is to allocate a part of the day tidying/doing up the house. Surprisingly that is making me more productive in the creative/business part of my life!

Clean house, clear mind, better productivity, more fulfilling life!! šŸ˜ƒ

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