A Way to Achieve Blended Tones of Colours

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This coffee table is pretty big, with 138cm x 98cm measurements. The side is already bordered by floral carved detail, but I didn't want the top to be plain. I wanted it to be a little interesting, but I didn't want it to be cluttered with patterns. So I decided to do soft blended tones of neutrals & greys. This is the end result:

I've demonstrated in the video below how to achieve the BASIC blends with Heirloom Traditions' water-based liquid waxes, using the same colours as the table above.
The base layer of paint is Heirloom Traditions' French Vanilla.


The water-based liquid waxes have hours of open working time for you to manipulate with water - whether by spritzing or with a damp lint-free rag. Of course, the more time that has passed, the less you can manipulate.

And I always top coat over liquid waxes as they are more decorative than durable.

I leave for 1-2 days to make sure the waxes are completely dry before applying any top coat.

Liquid Wax vs Gel Wax: both are similar except the Gel Wax is thicker than the Liquid Wax. Gel Wax has a soft melted butter consistency.

See the water-based waxes here.



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